Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back Home

We actually arrived back home Sunday night, however I've been busy catching up ever since. Had a great time in Arkansas. It's approximately 30 hours driving (one way) to get there. Or, for Bram, it's approximately 90 hours spent in a vehicle since he came down from Yellowknife. He'd just as soon not do another long trip for awhile. I did over 80 hours last summer, so I know what he's feeling. Two hours or so short of Little Rock, Bram was very sick in the van, but was better after about 24 hours of the flu. He had a hard time adjusting to the hot temperatures and humidity, and walked around with a styrofoam cup full of ice which he breathed over for the first few days, which seemed to help.

Rose has started her two weeks of summer session, French Immersion. I think she's enjoying it. She took the bus for the first time this morning, got off at the wrong stop and wandered for about 45 min. before she found where she was supposed to be. I guess that's how you learn.

Saw lots and lots of cousins when we were down there; many of whom I hadn't seen for years and years. It was really good to see them. (Technically, most of them were first cousins once removed, or my cousins' kids; but it was still good to see them.) Came home by Winnipeg and saw Grandma Baxter and Tara as well as many other people who I haven't seen for years. It was all good.

The MAP training was also good -very hectic but excellent. (To find out more about that, check out Sonny Childs' blog at www.sonnychilds.com ). There's a picture of Bram there and of the group as well as several summaries of the week.

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