Saturday, January 31, 2009

From Saskatoon

I'm posting from my parents house, am up here for a Bible Quizzing tournament. It's very much a family affair this weekend. We normally have five quizzers, but two of the girls were in a basketball tournament this weekend and couldn't come, so there's Alex Bastian and Tate and Thomas Williams, with Tim Friesen as the other coach. That makes me Aunty May to all of them. They did very well. They won their first three games, which placed them in fourth in the B division. However in the elimination rounds they got second in both games, which eliminated them from the tournament. That was a little disappointing, but they still did very well. Thomas quizzed out (answered four questions correctly) in each match, and in all but one match he quizzed out without error. Alex also quizzed out once, and all three of them answered questions correctly in most of the matches. Right now they're at the social event, which is at Harry Bailey pool - I wimped out from that.

Because we were eliminated early from the games today, and because they didn't have any morning games until after 10 am, I ended up going to five different bookstores today. We stopped at McNally Robinson on the way to the tournament this morning, because we had some extra time and I wanted to find a book for my English class. Then at noon I ran to the Canadian Bible Society bookstore because I needed to pick up some Bibles I had ordered for the school. Right beside that bookstore is a teacher's bookstore, so I had to check that out as well. Then after we were eliminated we went by Indigo (I needed another copy of the same book) and Scott's Parable. All of us find going to bookstores a perfectly normal thing to do if we have extra time on our hands, even if we're not necessarily buying anything.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I've got all of my marking done and the marks submitted. (Hopefully some marks will change once some students see what their marks are without their assignments submitted.) Got all the textbooks signed back in from first semester and the second semester texts signed out. Got a master list made up of what's still missing. Feels really good.

Today was the first day of the second semester. I went over with my class what we were going to be doing during this term - now I need to get a formal semester plan done up, read the book that we're going to be doing for this term (over the weekend I think), etc. etc. Thankfully, I've splurged and ordered a commercial unit plan for the book so that I don't have to do all the prep for it. Sometimes it's worth it to use someone else's ideas. I don't have to follow it slavishly, but it will definitely give me a starting point.

I promptly lost my voice again once I went to half dosage, so I've switched to a staggered dose - taking one pill every four hours, instead of two pills three times a day. I don't take the one in the middle of the night, with the hopes that I can still sleep. This way, I'm hoarse, but I do have a voice and I can cope with the side effects (although they're still not fun.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Making, baking

This evening I was in a cooking mood. So far I've made 3 half-sized pans of vegetarian lasagne (for Jordan), two full-sized pans of regular lasagne and a dutch oven full of cabbage rolls made with sour cabbage leaves. I'm thankful that the Williams have a deep-freeze in the hallway, because I'm filling it. I guess I'll have to have a crowd over for a meal sometime.

Good News!

I've got an appointment with an ear/nose/throat specialist for this coming Tuesday at 2 pm! That's incredibly quick. I'm happy about that.

I went back to see my GP this morning because I can't handle the side effects of the prednisone and she said to go on a half dosage during the week and full dose on the weekend. So, I've only had a half dose this morning, and already am hoarse again. The side effects are definitely less though. I think I'll leave it where it is (half dose) until I see the specialist.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I've been informed that it's been some time since I've updated. Well, I've been sitting in limbo for the past several weeks. Things are now resolved a little bit, so I can update on them.

Primarily what I've been waiting for is to find out where Rose was going to stay when she came to school. She's finally decided that she'll live in the dorm. Apparently she decided that last week, but I only found out tonight. Now that that's settled, I can let Jordan know that he can live in my spare room (where he's been living for the past month anyway); and that he can start paying board. That will help to cover my expenses a little bit.

I've suggested to Rose that she might want to consider sleeping at the dorm but eating with me; seeing as last year when she lived in the dorm she had a lot of trouble with the cafeteria food and her allergies. Apparently she flies into Regina Wednesday, but she hasn't let me know when.

Now that it's settled where Rose is staying, I can also let Western's Bible Quiz team know that I will be accompanying them on the tournament to Saskatoon this weekend. (I can also let my parents know that I'd like to stay there, if I could).

I'm still not over my laryngitis. However my voice is much improved. I saw the doctor for the third time in three weeks on Friday and she's referred me to a specialist - hopefully I'll get in pretty soon. She's also got me on mega medication: prednisone (2 tablets three times a day - or six times the usual dose), an antihistamine and something else. It seems to be working; I can now go for most of the day before my voice starts giving out and cracking up - and I can even sing a little bit. However the side effects aren't great. I feel really shaky much of the time, I'm exhausted and yet I have insomnia, and I'm nauseous (it reminds me of being pregnant). I'm also having trouble concentrating. However, I'm only on this for ten days; so hopefully it'll clear up the laryngitis and I'll be able to get back to a normal routine.

We're at the end of finals right now; the last set is tomorrow; then we have a day off classes(marking day) and the new semester starts on Thursday. I have to have my marks done by then; I haven't started working up the final marks yet. I've done lots in the library and tomorrow I absolutely must do marking. (I was supposed to do that today but had too many distractions.) I also need to have my second semester plans drawn up. Maybe there's a use for my insomnia.

My piano recital went well, I think; I'm starting to learn two new pieces now, and have laid to rest the two I did at the recital. Moving right along.

Saturday I helped the Hinnergardt's move. Their new house is going to be very nice once they get settled. I had a crowd over for Sunday dinner yesterday - around 25 or so. I think it went well. Ham and scalloped potatoes (rice for me); plus contributions from the Williams next door and the Pradzynski's. There was lots of food to go around and the ham bone went into the pea soup I made for today. (I made some vegetarian pea soup for Jordan as well.)

Sunday morning Ruth and I did our monthly Sunday school stint. We had around 18 kids; mostly pre-schoolers. We did the story of the first exodus (how the Israelites were refugees); made beaded bracelets for a craft (because they plundered the Egyptians), had a colouring centre and playdough centre (making matzoh) for the other two centres. It went very well I think. It went especially well, seeing as we planned it Saturday night in about 10 minutes while we were sitting at the Hinnergardt's recouperating after moving far too much stuff around.

That's it for the update. It's time to go to bed, hopefully to sleep. I've got my piano lesson across town tomorrow morning at 7:15 am.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dealing with Difficulties

I still have laryngitis. This is week four and counting. Sometimes I think it's getting better, but it's pretty sporadic. Just when I think it's ok, I have no voice again. I am still unable to sing, too. In some ways I find that harder. (However, teaching with no voice is no fun, allow me to say). I saw a doctor earlier this week and am on antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory and a gargle. I'm going back to see the doctor next Friday. Who knows, I may have a voice by then.

I have a student in one of my classes that I'm finding a challenge. His attendance is poor at best, his attitude is consistently negative and his work ethic is nil. On top of all that, he's passive agressive (and can be defiant). I may not be able to change him, but I can change my attitude toward him. I'm praying for him (and me) with the hopes that something will change for the better.

A week from today I have a piano recital. (It's a requisite part of piano lessons.) My teacher assures me it will be fun. I'm not so sure - but I'm doing my best to be practiced up for it. We'll see.