Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Procrastination

I did put my bedding plants out on Monday as it was a beautiful day. According to the weather office, the coldest it got Monday night and last night was +7. Apparently that's still too cold for my tomato plants - the peppers and everything else seem just fine, but I don't know if any of my tomatoes survived at all. Sigh.

We went to the spa yesterday. Ruth had never been before. Had fun. Came home. Went to bed.

I still don't have my taxes done - but am working on them. Got my bills out and sorted, so that I can catch up on my bookkeeping for the rental property. That's step one.

Had a guy come over and do my yard work both front and back. Cut down all the unnecessary trees in my back yard - I now only have 19 trees in the back yard! That's a great improvement as there were many more than that. He also dragged away all of the brush he cut down! I'm happy.

The woman who was having surgery had it yesterday. Double mastectomy. Is due to be transferred to Moosomin today, so the son left this morning. Done up the laundry already. That was easy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pay Day and a Holiday!

I realized this morning that today is both payday (I get paid once a month on the 25th) and it's a holiday! What a great way to start my day. They were also reporting on the radio that it should warm up to 19 this morning! That's another real plus. It goes downhill from there - I have to do my taxes today and finish working on report cards - but it's definitely a positive first thought.

It is Easter break from school. Unlike the NWT, where the break is always two weeks long - and the last two week of March - break here follows Easter and is one week - and is whenever Easter is. Bram is back in Yellowknife for the break, where it's a balmy -16 (oh I really miss that), while I'm thinking that here in Regina I may be able to bring my bedding plants outside for the day. Rose and Betty are still in bed - I likely won't see them before noon. (In fact, I may not see Betty all day.) I know I'll see Rose because she has to work this afternoon.

The snow is gone from the back yard - and very nearly gone from the front. The front yard has been raked, and looks really good. Not so much with the back yard (I can't compete with the 18 trees there!) I may get ambitious and rake it again, or then again, I may not. We'll see.

I had a much smaller crowd over for sunday dinner yesterday - just around 20 people. It meant that we were able to visit with everyone. That was nice. I was also able to practice piano for the first time in months yesterday. I think I'll have to give up on my dream of getting my next few grades in piano, but at least I can play for personal enjoyment. I was sightreading several pieces and could even tell what I was playing, which is a real plus!

Seeing as I have the week off school, Rose and I are planning to make a trip to Moose Jaw and hit the spa - probably tomorrow. Ruth is wanting to come with us as well. We've invited Betty but she's declined. That's the extent of my plans for this exciting week off work (do taxes, hit the spa, do yard work). Oh yeah - go to Saskatoon for my Dad's 80th birthday on Saturday. You're all invited (it's a potluck).

I'm also hosting someone this week from the Wawota area; in town because his mother is having major surgery. He's supposed to arrive this evening - and it's only supposed to be for a few days. He'll have Bram's room as Bram's out of town. I daily thank God that he's blessed me with a home large enough to be hospitable without a lot of extra effort on my part. I'm taking on a role I've never done before, and I love it.

Monday, April 11, 2011


This past weekend was Homecoming at Western. The honoured classes were any year ending in 11 - 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 01 and 06. My cousin Leslie graduated in 81, my sister Ruth in 71, my Aunt Verna in 61, my Aunt Alice in 51. I probably had relatives in 91, 01 and 06 - but I can't think of who they were off hand.

My cousin Janice (Boatwright) Pringle also graduated in 71 and came up for Homecoming and stayed with me for the weekend. She left this morning to head back to Ft. Worth. I'm sure I haven't seen her in at least 15 years or so - and it was really nice to get a visit in. I hosted the class party for 71 on Saturday night. There was a really big turn-out - maybe 35-45 people. The house was full; but I'm so happy that I have a big house and can host that many people without difficulty.

Saturday Rose, Bram and I also headed over to Moose Jaw and visited Mom Thiessen in the nursing home there. It's not a good nursing home and we're really hoping that she'll make it closer to the top of the list to be transferred to another one soon. That being said, she's doing her best to make the best of a poor situation, and I'm happy we were finally able to visit her again. We also had a quick visit with Doug and Darlene. We met at Bonanza and ate together before we had to dash back to Regina for the Homecoming program Saturday night. We arrived back in Regina at 6:50 - the program started at 7 pm and the first item on the program was the chorus singing (and Bram's in the chorus). We were a little rushed.

Some of the highlights of Homecoming was the tribute given to Uncle Roland and Aunt Lois for their years of service - and that Aunt Alice was honoured as Alumna of the Year! All in all it was a very special time.

Sunday morning was the monthly cleaning at Old Navy, so Bram and I got up shortly after 5 - were there by 6 to help Al and Nancy do the cleaning. We finished before church, then went to church. We ate at Jamdon's after service; the first time I've had their Sunday brunch, and it was amazing! Very good. Then it was time for an afternoon nap.

Rose's arm and hand is doing much better - I can't say enough good things about physio. She now has a full range of motion in her arm, and is using her hand without any difficulty. She's allowed to go back to work (but not more than 4-5 hours in a shift) and not to lift anything over about 5 lbs, but that's such an amazing improvement over the start of last week! She still has exercises to do (I don't think she's doing them) to help rebuild her strength.

Bram has come down with a really bad cold and stayed home from school today. I don't know whether he'll be well enough to go tomorrow or not. He's been feeling pretty miserable. I think Rose is also coming down with it and I just hope they don't feel like they have to share with me. I dashed out this morning and bought a large package of boxes of Kleenex because we were down to one box, and it wasn't sufficient.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday Update

Rose saw the orthopedic specialist first thing yesterday morning. He essentially said, "it's soft tissue because nothing shows up on an x-ray; go see a physio." So, I phoned around until I found a clinic that could see her the same day - not in two weeks. The physio massaged her arm and shoulder, put her hand in hot wax and gave her exercises to do. The good news is, she has gone from being unable to do anything at all with her arm or hand, to being able to raise her arm, make a fist with her hand, and use her hand. The bad news is, all of this hurts, and it's hard work - but it's a good start. The physio also says that there seems to be some nerve damage somewhere because while she can feel touch, she can't distinguish between hot and cold or sharp and dull. (This means she's not supposed to do dishes, or anything involving hot temperatures for awhile.)

We had 52 kids and 26 helpers at The Party last night. As usual, it was a fairly wild and crazy time, but everyone enjoyed themselves, I think.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ski Aftermath

Rose apparently skied into a tree on the ski trip. She had fun though, and although she didn't try skiing the next day, she did go tubing with Bram and I and didn't limit her activities at all. However when she got home, she was complaining of her arm and hand hurting so went to the clinic. The doctor had her shoulder x-rayed and had her see an orthopedic specialist that afternoon. Moving her arm around to get it x-rayed was exquisitely painful and she's really been unable to move her arm since then. She's supposed to go back to see the orthopedic specialist on Tuesday. She said this morning that her shoulder clicks when she moves her arm. She was unable to go to work yesterday or today. It's been kind of nice having her around, even if she's essentially unable to do anything with only one usable arm. I even have to help her dress.

This morning Ruth and I went grocery shopping as usual and then Kristen and Rachel (and kids) came over to make salads with us. They're both pregnant, and are wanting to eat healthier - and salads are a good way to do that. We did five salads (as usual), but four of them new new ones we hadn't tried before. We made a cucumber salad (a really huge one - so that's what we'll have for Sunday dinner tomorrow); a lentil one (that also has brown rice and split peas in it); our regular chickpea salad that everyone likes so much, a carrot salad and a parsnip salad. We also had a fun time visiting, and enjoyed ourselves very much. We didn't start as early as we usually did, so we didn't actually finish until around 2 pm. Then Ruth and I made cabbage rolls for tomorrow.

My van is needing a brake job, so I'm trying to not drive it as much as possible until that's done. I needed to go to the Zellers across town, so Ruth, Rachel and I went together, with Emmett. Rachel stopped at Ruth's office to clean it for her, and we took Emmett to Zellers with us. I was buying some folding chairs, because it really would be nice to have chairs to sit on when people come over to visit. However they also had bed-in-a-bag sets for only $40, and they looked really nice, so we each bought one, plus matching sheets to go with them (the sheets were only $20). I guess that's my big splurge for this month.