Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday Update

Rose saw the orthopedic specialist first thing yesterday morning. He essentially said, "it's soft tissue because nothing shows up on an x-ray; go see a physio." So, I phoned around until I found a clinic that could see her the same day - not in two weeks. The physio massaged her arm and shoulder, put her hand in hot wax and gave her exercises to do. The good news is, she has gone from being unable to do anything at all with her arm or hand, to being able to raise her arm, make a fist with her hand, and use her hand. The bad news is, all of this hurts, and it's hard work - but it's a good start. The physio also says that there seems to be some nerve damage somewhere because while she can feel touch, she can't distinguish between hot and cold or sharp and dull. (This means she's not supposed to do dishes, or anything involving hot temperatures for awhile.)

We had 52 kids and 26 helpers at The Party last night. As usual, it was a fairly wild and crazy time, but everyone enjoyed themselves, I think.

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