Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ski Aftermath

Rose apparently skied into a tree on the ski trip. She had fun though, and although she didn't try skiing the next day, she did go tubing with Bram and I and didn't limit her activities at all. However when she got home, she was complaining of her arm and hand hurting so went to the clinic. The doctor had her shoulder x-rayed and had her see an orthopedic specialist that afternoon. Moving her arm around to get it x-rayed was exquisitely painful and she's really been unable to move her arm since then. She's supposed to go back to see the orthopedic specialist on Tuesday. She said this morning that her shoulder clicks when she moves her arm. She was unable to go to work yesterday or today. It's been kind of nice having her around, even if she's essentially unable to do anything with only one usable arm. I even have to help her dress.

This morning Ruth and I went grocery shopping as usual and then Kristen and Rachel (and kids) came over to make salads with us. They're both pregnant, and are wanting to eat healthier - and salads are a good way to do that. We did five salads (as usual), but four of them new new ones we hadn't tried before. We made a cucumber salad (a really huge one - so that's what we'll have for Sunday dinner tomorrow); a lentil one (that also has brown rice and split peas in it); our regular chickpea salad that everyone likes so much, a carrot salad and a parsnip salad. We also had a fun time visiting, and enjoyed ourselves very much. We didn't start as early as we usually did, so we didn't actually finish until around 2 pm. Then Ruth and I made cabbage rolls for tomorrow.

My van is needing a brake job, so I'm trying to not drive it as much as possible until that's done. I needed to go to the Zellers across town, so Ruth, Rachel and I went together, with Emmett. Rachel stopped at Ruth's office to clean it for her, and we took Emmett to Zellers with us. I was buying some folding chairs, because it really would be nice to have chairs to sit on when people come over to visit. However they also had bed-in-a-bag sets for only $40, and they looked really nice, so we each bought one, plus matching sheets to go with them (the sheets were only $20). I guess that's my big splurge for this month.

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