Monday, April 25, 2011

Pay Day and a Holiday!

I realized this morning that today is both payday (I get paid once a month on the 25th) and it's a holiday! What a great way to start my day. They were also reporting on the radio that it should warm up to 19 this morning! That's another real plus. It goes downhill from there - I have to do my taxes today and finish working on report cards - but it's definitely a positive first thought.

It is Easter break from school. Unlike the NWT, where the break is always two weeks long - and the last two week of March - break here follows Easter and is one week - and is whenever Easter is. Bram is back in Yellowknife for the break, where it's a balmy -16 (oh I really miss that), while I'm thinking that here in Regina I may be able to bring my bedding plants outside for the day. Rose and Betty are still in bed - I likely won't see them before noon. (In fact, I may not see Betty all day.) I know I'll see Rose because she has to work this afternoon.

The snow is gone from the back yard - and very nearly gone from the front. The front yard has been raked, and looks really good. Not so much with the back yard (I can't compete with the 18 trees there!) I may get ambitious and rake it again, or then again, I may not. We'll see.

I had a much smaller crowd over for sunday dinner yesterday - just around 20 people. It meant that we were able to visit with everyone. That was nice. I was also able to practice piano for the first time in months yesterday. I think I'll have to give up on my dream of getting my next few grades in piano, but at least I can play for personal enjoyment. I was sightreading several pieces and could even tell what I was playing, which is a real plus!

Seeing as I have the week off school, Rose and I are planning to make a trip to Moose Jaw and hit the spa - probably tomorrow. Ruth is wanting to come with us as well. We've invited Betty but she's declined. That's the extent of my plans for this exciting week off work (do taxes, hit the spa, do yard work). Oh yeah - go to Saskatoon for my Dad's 80th birthday on Saturday. You're all invited (it's a potluck).

I'm also hosting someone this week from the Wawota area; in town because his mother is having major surgery. He's supposed to arrive this evening - and it's only supposed to be for a few days. He'll have Bram's room as Bram's out of town. I daily thank God that he's blessed me with a home large enough to be hospitable without a lot of extra effort on my part. I'm taking on a role I've never done before, and I love it.

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