Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pain and Promise

I visited on the phone this morning with my sister-in-law in BC. She phoned to let me know that she was separating from her husband - my husband's brother. I hurt for her, for her kids and for her husband. We visited on the phone for well over an hour. Although the particulars are different, we share so much with the disfunctionalities of our marriages, the pain that both of our husbands have due to their childhoods and how that has been manifested in their lives. Both of us are hoping that we can break the cycle of pain and abuse so that our children don't have to live with it as well.

I hurt for her. I know where she's at now, and I pray that her road will be uphill from here.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love your neighbours?

Sometimes it's a lot easier to love your neighbours than others. This morning at 4 am when there was a group of teens outside my windows having noisy fun - it was difficult to think any loving thoughts. It was also difficult an hour later when someone was trying to wake up someone in the neighbouring 4-plex by repeatedly honking his horn. The things I'd love to do for my neighbours at such time (like call the cops) - would have required me to admit that I was actually awake and get up and find a phone, so I didn't. After all, it's just sleep, and as it is the weekend, I'll get to do that later. Just not when I'd like to.

The good news is that it must be pretty warm outside if the teens are congregating in the wee small hours. Spring must be coming!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

And two steps back

Whew! Had a really rotten day at school yesterday. Sent a student out of class first period - he got "lost" on the way to the office. Talked with him before last period, how was he going to behave - before I let him back into class. He said, "I dunno. It depends on what you do." I responded that that wasn't good enough (behaviour can't just be reactionary, he has to proactively decide to behave) and sent him to the office. He got lost again. However his sister is also in class, and she was upset because I kicked him out of class before he even did anything, and marched out of class as well - taking her best friend with her.

The three of them wandered the halls last period, doing their best to play hide and seek with any staff looking for them. I'm supposed to stay at school until 4 pm daily, but ended up going home right after class yesterday. I had no oomph left.

So, the three of them will be in in-school suspension today, in three separate locations. Hopefully I'll have a much better day today. Pray for me (and for my challenging students).

Saturday, February 13, 2010

One step forward?

Just got back from Teacher's Convention in Edmonton. It was great - but a long drive there and back. Am very thankful that Mark did the driving. Stayed with Russel & Milessa in Edmonton. I don't think I've visited with Milessa for over 10 years so that was also good.

I checked my e-mail when I arrived home and found that I have a response back from U of A. I did finally figure out (with help) how to submit my registration and pay for it. This was the response from the person who handles registrations stating that I had to submit all of this other stuff. Now the only thing is... I have submitted all of that other stuff already. In fact, I've submitted it directly to her - and have a response back from her stating she's received it. So, is this just a form letter? I guess I have to wait until Tuesday, when I can e-mail her and check what she has received and what she still needs to receive.

I had a real craving for poached eggs this morning. It's not quite the same when you poach it in rice milk instead of real milk, but hopefully it'll be better for my insides.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Semester

The new semester started Monday. I am teaching Grade 9 English and Grade 9 Christian Ethics. I'm also supporting/co-teaching Math 11 and Math 21. I'm still finding the Grade 9's a challenge; Monday was a horrible day but today was much better.

Today is Bram's birthday. He's down in Florida with Rose and Lloyd. I really miss my kids.

I had my piano lesson this morning. Went well I think. I'm still working on Gr 3 stuff instead of Gr 7 stuff - but we're moving on to Gr 4 for March, Gr 5 for April, Gr 6 for May. No... I don't think I'll do the Grade 7 exam in June though.