Saturday, February 13, 2010

One step forward?

Just got back from Teacher's Convention in Edmonton. It was great - but a long drive there and back. Am very thankful that Mark did the driving. Stayed with Russel & Milessa in Edmonton. I don't think I've visited with Milessa for over 10 years so that was also good.

I checked my e-mail when I arrived home and found that I have a response back from U of A. I did finally figure out (with help) how to submit my registration and pay for it. This was the response from the person who handles registrations stating that I had to submit all of this other stuff. Now the only thing is... I have submitted all of that other stuff already. In fact, I've submitted it directly to her - and have a response back from her stating she's received it. So, is this just a form letter? I guess I have to wait until Tuesday, when I can e-mail her and check what she has received and what she still needs to receive.

I had a real craving for poached eggs this morning. It's not quite the same when you poach it in rice milk instead of real milk, but hopefully it'll be better for my insides.

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