Thursday, February 18, 2010

And two steps back

Whew! Had a really rotten day at school yesterday. Sent a student out of class first period - he got "lost" on the way to the office. Talked with him before last period, how was he going to behave - before I let him back into class. He said, "I dunno. It depends on what you do." I responded that that wasn't good enough (behaviour can't just be reactionary, he has to proactively decide to behave) and sent him to the office. He got lost again. However his sister is also in class, and she was upset because I kicked him out of class before he even did anything, and marched out of class as well - taking her best friend with her.

The three of them wandered the halls last period, doing their best to play hide and seek with any staff looking for them. I'm supposed to stay at school until 4 pm daily, but ended up going home right after class yesterday. I had no oomph left.

So, the three of them will be in in-school suspension today, in three separate locations. Hopefully I'll have a much better day today. Pray for me (and for my challenging students).

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Illustrated Dream Diary said...

Thinking about you and praying for you. God bless.