Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home again

We're just back from a two-day school ski trip to Aesissippi, MB - not far from Russell, MB, or just over the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border. It was great fun, everyone enjoyed themselves, no one was injured, and we'll all sleep well tonight.

Having said that, I find it really strange to live in the middle of the prairies and have a school (downhill) ski trip! Did I ski? No! I did go tubing though. Bram tried downhill for the first time ever; I think it was Rose's second time. Aesissippi is about a three-hour drive from Regina, and there's an hour's time difference as well. We lost an hour on the way there and gained it on the way back.

I'm too tired to write much; I'll try another day to give my impressions.

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