Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've been informed that I haven't updated my blog for quite awhile. Sorry. I've been sending a weekly letter to my mother-in-law and my parents, and don't seem to manage to keep everything updated.

So, what's going on in our life here in Regina? I've given up on waiting for spring and have ordered seeds. Hopefully when I get them started, it will look like spring inside if not outside yet.

Rose is still suffering from allergies, etc. and has taken a week off school to work from home where there are less allergens. We're going to try her back at school again today and see how it goes. She went to S'toon last weekend, met some of her friends there, bought too many books (this comes as a shock and a surprise?) and bought me a kobo (e-book reader). She's going to Japan for Easter break and is finalizing her plans right now.

So, I've read a book on the kobo. I wasn't impressed by the book - in fact, was totally disgusted. At the end it left things hanging, didn't resolve anything, and was just frustrating! About the kobo? I'm unsure. It's certainly a lot easier to hold than a paperback book; I like the way it's easy to adjust the print size; however when "turning" the page, it takes a second or so to refresh the screen and up to 5 seconds at the end of each chapter. It's not much of a wait at the end of each page, but is a little frustrating to start a new chapter. It's definitely set up for a right-handed person (and I'm a lefty), the navigation button is on the bottom right hand corner. I'll reserve judgment.

Bram is continuing to do well. He's up to date on all his assignments; and is taking a pretty heavy load, including calculus by self-study. I really enjoy having him live at home with Rose and I instead of in the dorm.

OK, I've updated things. TTYL

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Ha ha! Thanks, May!