Saturday, February 19, 2011

On drugs

Rose has had a full day on antihistamines and is back to feeling fine again. We'll file the symptoms away for future reference. Oh the wonders of modern drugs.

I'm much improved as well, but not back to full strength yet. My throat now feels like I've been swallowing gravel (pointy gravel). This is an improvement because before it felt like I had been swallowing razorblades. Ruth and I went grocery shopping together and then we were both wiped and had to go home to our respective beds to lie down for a bit. I've discovered that they weren't kidding when they said one of the possible side effects of the antibiotic I'm on is diarrhoea. What joy!

Bram just phoned me from Yellowknife (he's up there for the long weekend) to find out what temperature to bake sweet potato fries at. Glad to be of assistance.

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Diane said...

hope you feel better