Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tournament Weekends

Last weekend I accompanied Western's Bible Quiz team to Nipawin for a tournament. It was a busy time - we left Friday at noon, arrived in time for supper, quizzed until after 10 pm, then went to our billets. The next day, the tournament started at 9 and things wrapped up closer to 11 pm. Sunday they had two services; the quizzers went to the early service, made a bag lunch and left around 11 am. There were around 350 quizzers, coaches, etc. there. It was an excellent time, but I was very glad to get home by the end of it.

This past weekend I accompanied the wrestling team to Saskatoon. We left in the morning as the tournament started at 1 pm. My parents and my sister Glenda billeted us. The next day the tournament started a 9 am and we finished around 4 pm. There were about 350 wrestlers on Friday and closer to 500 on Saturday. It was two very long days sitting on gym bleachers (my back can attest to it).

This coming weekend, my hope is to stay home and have a quiet relaxing weekend with no extra responsibilities.

Even though I was gone for both Saturdays, Ruth and I still managed to get our weekly salad making done. We did it on Sunday afternoon instead. It is so nice to have all of those salads in the fridge - and it makes lunch so easy! Grab a salad and something to go with it, and you're ready! We just finished about an hour ago and I've got the dishwasher running to finish up the clean up.

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