Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday night

We had The Party last night. I heard the week before was really crazy. It was our first week back after the Christmas break, we had 36 kids, and it was a zoo. I wasn't there. I was at school helping students write essays. Last night was much better though. The kids listened, and were well behaved. However, three kids left early - and we have a rule that if you leave early you can't come back in. However they were at the door, banging, trying to get us to let them back in. When we wouldn't pay them any attention, two of them beat up the third one. That wasn't good and I'm glad that Kevin gets to deal with it instead of me. However we can say that aside from that, things went really well.

I have the Pradzynski's over tonight for supper, however supper is going to be late. I had to run to the library downtown before 5 pm to get a resource, and that made me late starting supper. It'll be ready shortly though. I made cannelloni because I needed to use up the left over spinach/cottage cheese mixture we mixed up for lasagne Saturday and then didn't use.

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