Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday evening

Bram's making supper - one of his recipes for his foods class, while I supervise. The past two evenings I helped with studyhall, helping students write essays, or providing other help with homework. Last night I had a student ask me what topic should she choose to write about for her biology essay which was due today. We picked a topic and I provided her with resources, but told her there was no way she'd have her essay done for today.

The weather was incredibly bad last night. Walking back home from school it was blizzard conditions. There's lots of snow to get rid of now. I think I'll phone my brother in law (who has a snow blower) and see if he can rescue my driveway. Also my tenant who looks after the snow shovelling at the 4-plex has phoned to say there's no place to put all the snow from the driveway, so we need to do something there anyway. It's time to get on my knees (metaphorically anyway) and see if he can rescue me.

Piano lessons started today; the first time since Christmas break. I practiced a lot - I need to work on it a lot more. (Such is life). I don't know how much practice I can get done tonight because I need to work with Bram on cooking, and I really need to write a letter to my mother in law and get it mailed. I can't visit every week, but I can write weekly. I'm tired though; I think I may need to have a short nap before I do much more.

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