Sunday, January 9, 2011

I know, I know, it's been awhile

We're well into a new year and I haven't posted for quite some time. Sorry about that.

We had a really good Christmas. Some of the highlights were going to Robin's wedding Christmas eve and sharing Christmas with my siblings and their families. I'd post pictures but... this is my blog and I hardly ever do pictures. Besides, my printer/scanner has decided it doesn't really want to scan for me today.

School resumed on Thursday, but I really enjoyed the time off until then. I didn't do a whole lot but take it easy, but it was very nice to do that. We're now getting ready for finals which are only two weeks away.

Bram has been over for the weekend; he spent last night here. That's because it's cleaning weekend at Old Navy and we needed to be there for 6 am. He started on windows and finished on floors with the rest of us. The floors were really bad. Rose wasn't happy about getting up at 5:30 am, "the only reason anyone should get up at this time is to go to the airport" - but we were happy to have her help. I've been getting Bram to get some homework done this afternoon (in between playing games on the computer). I gave him free choice as to which homework to work on and he chose, of course, Calculus.

Yesterday Rose, Bram and drove to Moose Jaw to see Mom Thiessen in the nursing home there. Bram and I had gone once before to see her but they had closed down her wing of the nursing home and we were unable to see her. Then we were unable to go back before now because we all had colds. This time she was in a different home. We visited for a little over an hour. I'm sure they do their best there, but it was difficult nevertheless. Her room mate spent a fair bit of the time questioning Bram as wasn't he a little too young to be my boyfriend; and about ten minutes before we finally did leave she started demanding why were we still here and didn't we know that it was time for us to leave? There was the constant background noise of a woman wailing, which Mom said goes on all day and much of the night.

Ruth and I have been exploring the idea of doing a full day's cooking and getting a month's worth of meals out of it. I have a cookbook like that that I've tried, but I didn't really like the meals in it because they were so meat heavy and not the way I generally cook. In addition, because Ruth is diabetic, we need meals that have a lot of whole grains and low fat, with low or no sugar. So Ruth and I are making up our own menu - then we'll do up the shopping list and go to it. This just takes our joint salad making one step further. We'll likely try it out next weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

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