Monday, January 10, 2011

Semester's End

You can tell we're winding down to the end of the semester because so many of the teachers have essays due. I just want to point out here that although my students do have assignments that are due, none of them are essays. Bram's got at least two essays due this week - one of them tomorrow; plus he still has to finish four modules in his foods course. He's going to be pulling some long stretches of homework coming up.

Anyway, I had Bram over this evening working on his first ever research-style essay for Chemistry. He's writing on electrolysis. It's a good thing I don't have to understand what he's writing, I just have to help him put it in the correct form. He's actually a pretty good writer. It would also be better if he started writing his essay before the day it's due - but how can I quibble about that? I always started my essays the morning they were due! Betty is also working on an assignment for History. My job with her is to talk it over and explain it several times so that she can have an idea of what she is supposed to do; and then give her several ideas about how to do it. Finally, I read her work and correct her English. I was supposed to be practicing piano this evening - and I did get a bit done; but I did a whole lot more of helping people with homework.

I've volunteered to spend tomorrow evening at school in the library helping students work on their essays. If we have enough students turn out, I'll stay for Wednesday as well. Unfortunately this means that I won't be able to help with The Party this week, but Rose will be able to take my place, so it'll all work out I think.

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