Friday, February 18, 2011

More pain

I woke up Monday with a sore throat. Tuesday it was bad enough that I cut school for an hour to go to the closest clinic - to have the doctor say, "You have a cold. Drink lots of fluids." Today I had a message from the clinic saying, "Come in to see the doctor again." That's because I have strep throat. I knew I had strep throat on Tuesday, but they had to swab my throat and wait for the results to come back. Meanwhile I've been exposing my germs to the entire school. However, I'm now on antibiotics and hopefully will improve soon. I've been going to work everyday, and doing not much, then coming home and collapsing. Today was no different.

Rose has also been suffering. However she's been suffering with migraines and severe dizzyness. I finally came to the brilliant conclusion that she likely has been reacting to the snow mold because the snow has been melting. So I bought her antihistamines, and hopefully she'll improve too. She went to work today after school but wasn't feeling well at all.

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