Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday evening

It's Sunday evening. Rose got called into work this afternoon and is sleeping for a bit now before she gets up to do homework. Bram hasn't arrived home from Chorus Tour, but I expect him within the hour. Betty just finished doing laundry and is now back in her room (where she spends all her time).

We had a larger crowd for Sunday dinner today - between 30 and 35 I'd guess. Ruth and Lisa Vance brought casseroles and I cooked a roast. We had some good visiting going on; one group in the family room, one in the dining room and one in the living room. I'm so thankful that I have a home large enough to accommodate pretty much as many people as I want to invite over. The most I've had over I think was at Thanksgiving when we had around 60 people, but I've done over 30 several times now.

I've been working on planning how to redo my bathroom lately. I've been wanting to add a shower to the half-bath in my bedroom, and update things in both bathrooms (the pink fixtures from 1957 can disappear - they've done their duty for over 50 years and it's time for something not quite as dated.) I had a really nice floor plan sketched out, but my dad says that I can't do it because the plumbing stack is in the wall between the two bathrooms and as I have a low-slope roof, I can't move it without redoing my roof. I'm not wanting to redo my roof, so I'm working on plan B. Apparently Dad also sketched out another possibility for me, but took it back to S'toon with him, and I haven't seen it. Yesterday Walter P and I went and looked at fixtures, etc. at both Rona and Home Depot. Somethings are cheaper at one place than another. I've also looked on-line at Sears and CDN Tire. Haven't bought anything yet.

Finally figured out why my dishwasher leaks sometimes and not others. It's from 1967 according to the serial number, so it's nearly 50 years old as well. The seal on the inside as perished in one spot. It doesn't leak unless I do two loads back to back - then it heats up enough that it just doesn't seal properly. Walt thinks I should just replace it - but I'm in bathroom more than kitchen mode right now. I think a towel on the floor also works - but if I get a DW at a really good price, I may replace it.

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