Friday, January 9, 2009

Dealing with Difficulties

I still have laryngitis. This is week four and counting. Sometimes I think it's getting better, but it's pretty sporadic. Just when I think it's ok, I have no voice again. I am still unable to sing, too. In some ways I find that harder. (However, teaching with no voice is no fun, allow me to say). I saw a doctor earlier this week and am on antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory and a gargle. I'm going back to see the doctor next Friday. Who knows, I may have a voice by then.

I have a student in one of my classes that I'm finding a challenge. His attendance is poor at best, his attitude is consistently negative and his work ethic is nil. On top of all that, he's passive agressive (and can be defiant). I may not be able to change him, but I can change my attitude toward him. I'm praying for him (and me) with the hopes that something will change for the better.

A week from today I have a piano recital. (It's a requisite part of piano lessons.) My teacher assures me it will be fun. I'm not so sure - but I'm doing my best to be practiced up for it. We'll see.

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