Saturday, January 31, 2009

From Saskatoon

I'm posting from my parents house, am up here for a Bible Quizzing tournament. It's very much a family affair this weekend. We normally have five quizzers, but two of the girls were in a basketball tournament this weekend and couldn't come, so there's Alex Bastian and Tate and Thomas Williams, with Tim Friesen as the other coach. That makes me Aunty May to all of them. They did very well. They won their first three games, which placed them in fourth in the B division. However in the elimination rounds they got second in both games, which eliminated them from the tournament. That was a little disappointing, but they still did very well. Thomas quizzed out (answered four questions correctly) in each match, and in all but one match he quizzed out without error. Alex also quizzed out once, and all three of them answered questions correctly in most of the matches. Right now they're at the social event, which is at Harry Bailey pool - I wimped out from that.

Because we were eliminated early from the games today, and because they didn't have any morning games until after 10 am, I ended up going to five different bookstores today. We stopped at McNally Robinson on the way to the tournament this morning, because we had some extra time and I wanted to find a book for my English class. Then at noon I ran to the Canadian Bible Society bookstore because I needed to pick up some Bibles I had ordered for the school. Right beside that bookstore is a teacher's bookstore, so I had to check that out as well. Then after we were eliminated we went by Indigo (I needed another copy of the same book) and Scott's Parable. All of us find going to bookstores a perfectly normal thing to do if we have extra time on our hands, even if we're not necessarily buying anything.

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