Sunday, May 16, 2010

OK, it's been awhile

Sorry. I've been incredibly busy lately. What's been going on my life?
1. Education wise - I'm now officially enrolled in the U of A Master of Education (school libraries) program by distance. My first class starts in early July. My first assignment is due the first day of class. I guess I need to get on the ball and get my texts ordered so I can get my first assignment done.
2. Work related - only 5 more weeks of school! I'm still finding my class very challenging, but I will survive. Things go better with lots of prayer there.
We had our final quiz meet of the year (Western always hosts this - and it was great.)
3. With my church family - I just participated in a tremendous workshop/weekend ReVision. Very intensive. It's on how to be a more missional church. It will take me awhile to process all of it, but I have a lot of chew on and grow with. It's always good to be challenged like this.
4. With my family - Rose has a job at Safeway in Southland Mall. It's an hour's bus ride there, but most days I can either drop her off or pick her up, so it's only a long ride one way or the other. They've guaranteed her that she can have Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings off (so she can help with The Party). There's not many employers that are flexible like that and we're grateful. Bram's registered for Western for the fall (as is Rose), and I'm looking forward to having him here for part of the summer as well. I haven't seen him since Christmas and that's really been too long.
5. With piano - I'm participating in a recital (adult students only) in early June. Trying to get enough practice in so that I don't embarass myself. It's coming, slowly but slowly. I'm learning a really nice jazz arrangement of Jesus Loves Me, plus several baroque pieces. (I really like baroque).
6. Physically - I haven't had much trouble with my arms for several months but they're acting up again, so I think I need to go and have a massage. That tends to help as much as anything else. Ruth and I are trying to walk around the park every morning, which is good for both of us, both physically and socially/spiritually.

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RORRR said...

Thanks for the update. I haven't blogged in months and know how hard it is to keep up with it. Very excited that you will have both of your kids with you soon!