Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday - get it done today!

I've done myself up a to do list (in my head for today) and am slowly working through the list.  I need to apply for some jobs as the close in the next week or so.  I also need to collect rent (because it's the first of the month), get some travel insurance (have to get that this week; not necessarily today), finish cleaning up after the big get together yesterday, etc.  I've done one on-line application and cover letter - two more to go.  If I update my list for to do this week; I also want to finish sewing the clothing I want to take with me on the cruise and the seat covers for the dining room chairs and get the bills paid (collect rent first).

So it's been three Sundays in a row that I've had a crowd over.  The excuse this week is that was Easter. We had 21 people (mom counted); including my parents.  My parents brought the ham, Aunt Alice made buns, Margaret made bannock (even though she didn't end up coming), I made Easter Bread earlier this week; Ruth and I had made three different salads yesterday, etc.  There was lots of food and it was all good.    I think this is the first time we had three different types of bread - and both Dad and Ruth are doing gluten-free so they couldn't eat any of it (although Dad had brought some of his own anyway).

The other major thing I did over the weekend was do the on-line check-in for the cruise I'm taking in two weeks.  It took about 1.5 hours to finish the whole thing.

Ruth and I tried a new salad this week, it had sweet potatoes and green beans in it (and cherry tomatoes).  It was good but the dressing for it was kind of bland and boring and I think we need to tweak it a little before I'm happy with it.

Bram had both Friday and today off; is sitting doing homework. He's got a take-home math exam that he's probably spent five or six hours on already and he's only half done.  (I don't miss that part of homework at all.)  He's back to school tomorrow.

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