Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cooking: the next generation

Rose has been cooking most of the day.  She wanted to try to make fruit soup.  We had fruit soup as one of the appetizer choices on board the cruise nearly every day and liked them.  So Rose made pear soup last night and today she made apple soup, rhubarb strawberry soup, blueberry soup, cherry soup and mixed fruit soup.  My personal favourite was the rhubarb strawberry, followed by the pear soup, but they were all good.  The cherry soup and the blueberry soup were a little too dilute; I think if we were trying them again we'd made them with the liquid being cherry juice or blueberry juice instead of water.  In any case, we really enjoyed them.  We ate them for appetizers and then had potstickers for main course.  The soup was really filling though, which meant that there were enough potstickers for all of us.  (Otherwise, I don't think there would have been.)

The biggest disappointment was with the mixed fruit soup.  It made nearly a full ice-cream pail full, and Rose put it in the outside freezer to cool.  However it tipped over and most of it spilled out into the bottom of the freezer.  There was still enough for all of us to have a taste, but it made a big mess to clean up, and three-quarters of it was spilled.

We also had two little girls come and bake muffins this afternoon.  They are cousins and they attend The Party regularly.  I had promised one of them that she could come and cook some time ago, and she phoned yesterday to see if she could come today.  She brought her cousin with her.  We made carrot muffins.  They were also good, I think; I didn't eat any, although I do have some leftover.  I sent a paper plate full home with each of them.

It's been a busy day for all of us, and we're now sitting on the couch, vegging.  When the washing machine finishes spinning out, I need to get up and make beds (I think I have company tonight).

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