Saturday, October 6, 2007

Summer is Past and Gone

I'm sure that's the line of a famous poem that I took sometime in school. However it's also true. Today it's a balmy +6 here in Yellowknife, the warmest it has been all week. Thursday morning I washed sheets and hung them out on the line, thinking as I did it that it would likely be the last time I did that until summer again.

The sheets froze just about immediately, but that was ok, I had all day for them to hang there. Then I went about my daily affairs, taught my morning class, had my piano lesson, etc. In the middle of my piano lesson, I looked out the window and saw huge, thick snowflakes falling down. By the time I got to school to teach my afternoon class, the snow was really thick and wet. I phoned Bram and asked him to bring the sheets in from the line. Later, when I asked him about it, he said it was still mostly dry snow and he just shook off the sheets. However by the time I started driving home from work, the snow had degenerated into sleet and then rain, so I was glad that he was home to bring them in.

We have had a much cooler, wetter autumn than we're accustomed to, but we've also had a fair bit of snow in the past week, so I think we're transitioning into winter. That's my bottom line, snow = winter. The picture is what it looked like Monday night from our front door. Now most of that has melted, but it has snowed twice since then.

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