Saturday, October 6, 2007

Where we're at

Because it's been so long since I have posted, I thought I'd bring you up to date with what's going on with our family.

Lloyd is still working for the Government of the NWT, being a tecchie kind of guy, building and maintaining databases. This fall he and I are planning on taking a First Responders course through St. John Ambulance. Lloyd has volunteered for several years with Yellowknife Search and Rescue, and this course will definitely make him more valuable for that team.

I am still teaching at Aurora College, but have changed the nature of my job this year. For the past three years I taught Adult Basic Literacy. This year I'm teaching Adult Basic Education. The difference? Literacy worked with adults who were reading below a Grade 6 level (many or most of them below a Grade 4 level). ABE works with people who don't have their complete high school and are essentially working on upgrading. They're same kind of folks, just a level up in abilities; in fact, some of my previous students in Literacy are now in ABE. I'm only teaching two classes this year, Nursing Access and Introduction to Computers. This means I'm only working 1/4 time, which allows me the time to homeschool Bram.

So, not in order of age, but in order of discussing my kids: Bram is 13 this year, in Grade 8. Because I am only working part-time, we decided that we would homeschool Bram this year. Bram has been quite happy with the change because he didn't have the greatest year last year. We've decided to go with Alberta Distance Learning for most of Bram's courses. He's taking Science (in French), Social Studies, English and Bible through them. I'm teaching Bram Math independently, and our friend Lorraine is teaching him French Language arts. He is also taking piano lessons (for music).

Rose is 16 this year in Grade 11 at Western Christian High school. She has found it to be a big adjustment to be at Western this year, but I think she's enjoying it a lot. (Some days more than others). I think she's lost (and found I hope) her wallet at least five times in the month she's been there so far. Her main frustration since arriving at Western was that her laptop's wireless internet wasn't working properly, but it is now, so life is good.

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