Tuesday, November 6, 2007

An invitation

Lloyd and I have finished our First Responder's Course (level 1). We took the final exam on Sunday and passed. It was a very intensive course; forty hours in two weeks - all outside of regular working hours. We learned lots, enjoyed the course and are very happy it's finished. One of the instructors was telling me that we should really take the level 2 course now, but I don't think so. I'm happy with what we've got.

Lloyd took the course because he volunteers with Yellowknife Search and Rescue and it'll be helpful for him to have the First Responder's Course for that. The reason I took the course is because I'd like to volunteer at Arctic Winter Games, which will be in Yellowknife, March 9-15, 2008 (or 124 days from now).

What are Arctic Winter Games, you ask? Check out http://awg2008.ca/ - to find out more; but think Olympics (only a lot smaller) with many different events that the Olympics don't have (things like Snowshoe Biathlon, Inuit Games, Dene Games, dogsledding and many cultural events). It's only for the circumpolar world (Alaska, Yukon, NWT, Northern Alberta, Nunavut, Nunavik, Greenland, the Saami people from Europe, and a couple of Russian provinces), and it's quite an event. Here is your opportunity! If you'd like to come visit - the AWG is an excellent time to come. We have a spare room (seeing as Rose is at Western), and Walter and Faye also have a spare room (I'll volunteer them too). Come see us! Plan your holidays now!

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