Saturday, November 17, 2007

Long Weekend

Last weekend was a long weekend, which was good. What was better was that Rose came home. I hadn't seen her since she went to Western the last week of August. It was really good to see her again. We're delighted with how well she's doing at school but it was about 10 weeks since we'd seen her, so it was good to be able to. I wonder how the parents do that send their kids from further away, and only get to see them at Christmas.

It continues to be winter here. The ice on Frame Lake is thick enough that Lloyd has been taking out the four wheeler and plowing a number of paths for the pedestrians that walk across the lake to work. It's been well appreciated. Bram and I went out with him this morning on the snowmobile while he was on the four wheeler. It's still a balmy -5 out, so it wasn't cold. We had fun. The ptarmigan have migrated south to Yellowknife for the winter, however, and I've included a picture of what they look like.

It was report cards at work for me last week. I had one student who couldn't make the student/teacher meeting because she had a court appearance, but everyone else made their interview time - which is good. Generally speaking, they're all doing well, and I'm pleased. Rose and Bram are also doing well at school. Bram did a really impressive powerpoint presentation for his Bible class, and once I figure out how to post it on here, I'll let you see it. Rose brought a bunch of homework home with her last weekend, and got most of it done. She had a five-hour layover in Calgary, so I'm hoping she finished up her homework then. I'm supposed to be working on my WebCT course, but haven't done anything much on it. I need to get an extension, I guess, and then work on it without interruption for awhile.

While Rose was home we tried to take family photos. We had tried over the summer to get them commercially done at some (inexpensive) place like Walmart. However, Walmart up here doesn't have a photostudio and down south you have to come back in ten days to pick up your photos; they won't mail them to you. So, we didn't get them done. We posed outside beside City Hall, but none of the pictures of the family turned out. So then we tried outside by our front door. But Rose looks like she's acclimatized to the warmer weather down south and looks freezing instead of happy. So we tried a third time on our couch. They're not great photos, but they're ok. I'd still like to get some professional photos done.

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