Sunday, December 9, 2007


It's Sunday afternoon - I've just gotten up from my traditional Sunday afternoon nap. I need to think about making supper right away. I think we're going to have grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

While I was warm and cozy napping, Lloyd and Bram were wrestling with our little utility trailer outside. It has one very flat tire. I purchased a new tire for it, and seeing as it had warmed up to -20 today, it needed to get put on. I'm so thankful I have menfolk who can do that kind of thing and don't end up freezing the way I do. Once the tire's on, they're loading the fourwheeler in it and taking it back to the dealership so that it can be looked at. Lloyd was using it on Wednesday to clean the snow off our driveway when it slipped into reverse and now he can only get reverse and neutral. It should be covered under warranty because it's new.

I'm feeling particularly thankful right now. It's a little bit warmer out, after -35, -20 is positively balmy. In addition, Rose comes home next weekend for Xmas holidays. I'll be really glad to have her home. The family seems incomplete without her. Bram has completed his math in entirety. That means that in the new year we'll start him on Grade 9 math. It has been a good decision to homeschool Bram, and I'm very thankful that I was cut back in hours so much that I had the option to do that. I enjoy my job, and new options are possibly opening up for next semester. I'll write more on that if they come though.

I did the sound this morning at both services. I always feel sort of incompetent when I do that. Kind of like, what happens if something goes wrong? There's so many dials and buttons that surely I can't know what to do with them. In addition, not only am I manipulating all the dials and buttons on the sound board, I'm also doing the media shout on the laptop alongside it. There was a video clip to play this morning, and to do that I had to manipulate two remote controls. When I was shown what to do with them, my response was, "Don't you know that because remote controls are strictly the province of the males in the house - I don't know how to use these things?" However, everything went well.

My tomato soup just boiled over on the stove and I can't find either bread or cheese for grilled cheese, so it must be time to stop and finish getting supper ready.

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