Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Countdown

No, we're not all tucked up snug in our beds, but several of us have been sick. Bram was sick all week but is definitely better today. However, he shared whatever he had first. Rose came down sick Friday and had to come home early from work yesterday. She came into our room at 3 am last night to tell us she was feeling awful and then ran into our bathroom and puked in our sink. Lloyd also seems to have caught the bug. Thankfully, I'm not feeling sick yet. Maybe it's because I had a flu shot this fall. I hope that'll make the difference.

Some of our friends have gone away for the holidays and we're looking after their house and dogs. That means that we need to go over several times a day to let the dogs out. They only live about three blocks away but we're driving instead of walking. Lloyd's not feeling well enough to want to walk, and although it is warmer out, I just don't feel like walking three blocks at -20. (Besides, if Lloyd's driving, I'm catching a ride).

We have done some Christmas baking. Bram and I made Christmas pudding yesterday. I couldn't find the traditional family recipe in my recipe box, so looked on-line and kind of made up my own recipe. I just tried some and it tastes right. Rose made peppernuts. Again, we couldn't find our traditional recipe, but used one from a cookbook. Lloyd says it's not like mom used to make, but we've managed to choke down most of them anyway.

Rose distributed resumes on Monday of this past week, had an interview Tuesday and started work Wednesday at Reitman's. She had Friday off, but has been scheduled to work every other day this week. However, she came home early yesterday and phone in sick today. Hopefully this bug will be a short-lived one. Two years ago the family celebrated Christmas by being really sick. Rose was sick before Christmas at the movie theatre. Bram followed shortly thereafter and Lloyd and I spent Christmas sitting on our respective thrones. The kids heated up leftovers for Christmas dinner. I have no desire to repeat the experience.

Lloyd and I are off work for the next two weeks. We have some plans of what we'd like to do over the break, but part of the time we just want to have a break. Really looking forward to it.

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Ian said...

I hope that all of you are feeling better soon. That is not the way to spend the Christmas break. Seasons Greatings and Happy New Year