Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wear out or Rust out?

I was just visiting with my mother this morning on the phone. When I grow up, I want to be like my parents - and wear out, not just rust out. They're both over 70 and I think they're busier than I am. She was saying that they were just heading out to drive down to Regina again so that they could finish the renovations they were doing on one of the suites in the apartment they own. This will mean that they've completely renovated three out of four suites in the apartment building they co-own with my sister and their husband. In addition, this fall they put a new foundation under the apartment block. I know my dad was in there everyday, swinging a hammer and overseeing the entire job.

They were back in Saskatoon this week because they had agreed to babysit for their tenants who live in their basement suite. They have three preschool children and had a family emergency and had to drive to BC. So, my parents babysat three preschool children for three days. Mom said the first day was tiring but by the third day they were back in the swing of things.

They're getting ready to fly down to Florida for a short holiday. I think they're going on a cruise while they're down there. Good for them! They've earned it.

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