Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Games Arrive!

The Arctic Winter Games will start (opening ceremonies) on Sunday. I have tickets. However, I've likely been putting in at least 20 hours a week in preparation for the past six weeks. We're nearly there! I've got lots of stuff to do yet. I still need to create the sign-in/sign-out sheets for volunteers. I've got the master sheet made up. I've also got alot of the spreadsheets sent to me from each of the committees, I just have to meld them into one for each venue. (Probably about 20 hours alone, there).

Lloyd is helping set up beds for the athletes this evening and tomorrow night. The athlete villages are in the local schools. Every school becomes an athelete's village. He will likely be doing some security as well. Bram will be taking tickets and serving as an usher. I'll be mostly be doing medical (first responder) but as co-chair of the volunteer committee, I'll also be putting out fires and putting in two days at the HQ. We'll all be pretty busy this coming week.

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