Sunday, March 23, 2008

He is Risen!

He is risen indeed! Such a joyful time - to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Yesterday was Lloyd's birthday; the first time I think it's ever been before Easter that I can remember. We had ham and scalloped potatoes, veggies and salad. Very nice. I had also made Easter bread (paska, or babka), so we had all traditional foods, except I didn't make a cake. I'll make that tomorrow.

This afternoon we went by Walmart to see what we could do to make Lloyd's walking a little easier. He has an aircast on his broken foot, which makes that leg about 3-4 inches longer than the other leg, so it forces him to walk with a limp. What we ended up doing was purchasing a cheap set of runners and a cheap pair of summer sandals (the kind that velcro onto your foot). We put the sandal overtop of the runner, and bought some extra velcro so it would still fasten. This builds up his foot without the cast so it's nearly the same length as the other one. He's hopeful that will help him walk without such a strong limp. He has graduated from crutches to a cane, but with his legs closer to the same length, he doesn't even need the cane.

Rose has come home for the long weekend, and has died her hair a brilliant red colour. It's supposed to wash out after 10-12 washes, but I think we should call her Ruby instead of Rose. She's been working at Reitman's nearly every day since she got back, so hopefully that will help her build up her bank account a little. She arrived home on Wednesday and still has another week at home.

It seems strange to have two four-day weeks after just having a week off, but I'm not complaining. I'd like to get some more baking done, as well as some lesson planning. I've applied for a new job, and am hopeful that I'll get an interview. Working as part-time as I am is just too hard on our bank account.

Bram is continuing to work hard on his homeschooling. I've given him today off, but he doesn't get the long weekend - he's just got too much to get done before the end of the school year. He's into Chapter 3 of his Grade 9 math and only has one more lesson left to go in Bible, but still has lots of Science, English and Social Studies to do. He wrote his Social Studies mid-term Thursday. One of my co-workers generously invigilated.

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