Monday, March 10, 2008

"I've got drugs for the premier"

Saturday, when Lloyd and I were waiting (6 hours) for his foot to be casted, in walked the premier and his wife. Lloyd was going to be the next one called, when they came in and he got bumped. The premier had done a number with a sharp knife and his forefinger.

The next day, while waiting for the Arctic Winter Games' opening ceremonies, I met Shawna again. I know them from church, so I was visiting with her, asking how Floyd was feeling. She explained that he was supposed to have some pain killers, which she had in his purse, but she had not way to get through security to get them to him. (Security was really tight as the PM was there.) Because I was wearing a medical coat, she asked if I could get them to him.

So I went back to the head RCMP guy in our section and asked how I would manage to get drugs to the premier. (Isn't that a great line?) I explained that his wife had given them to me. His first question was, "Do you know her personally?" (As they were just wrapped in plastic wrap, he wanted to make sure I was confident in what I was giving to him.) I assured him, yes I did know her. Then he directed me downstairs, where the security was even tighter, talked to one of the head RCMP guys there, who assured me he'd get them to the premier. After the opening ceremonies I met Floyd and Shawna at the entrance and he said yes, he had got his drugs.

Yesterday I did first aid for indoor soccer. It was just practices because the games didn't start until today. I was supposed to be there from 8 to 12 am. However, it was really quiet and there was three of us first responders, so I backed out at 10:30 so I could get Lloyd's pain killer prescription filled and go to church. Today I was doing medical for badminton. No injuries, not even anyone needing a bandaid. I was interesting for the first little bit, but I was there from 8 to 4, and after the first several hours, it was much less exciting. Tomorrow I'm at figure skating (which would likely be more interesting, I hope) and Thursday I'm doing table tennis (I've bought myself a book to read).

Bram was a ticket taker today at the Arctic Sports venue (which has to be some of the most interesting sports). He said he took Rick Mercer's ticket. He has tomorrow off and then is back on Thursday. Lloyd has been sitting with his foot up for two days. I cut his pants off him this morning, as they were the same ones from before the accident and they wouldn't come off over this cast. He's now wearing sweats, and I went out and bought him two pairs of track pants with zip off bottoms so that he has a change of clothing. He's much better with his crutches than he was on the first day, but I don't think he's ready to brave the outdoors where it's slippery yet.

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