Saturday, March 15, 2008

AWG Last Day

It's been a good week, if a little hectic. I've mostly enjoyed myself - and it's been a good change from school, although there's just as much running around, I think. Normally, when I'm teaching school, I teach from 11 to 12 and from 3 to 4, and do the shuttle run between times, to help Bram with his home schooling, and to make meals, etc. This week, I've been doing medical most days, but yesterday and today I was wearing my other hat as co-chair for volunteers. So I've spent a lot of time at mission HQ, answering phones, printing out accreditation badges for people who've lost theirs, and generally doing whatever needs doing. Between times I've been running home to help Bram with his home schooling, making meals, etc. (Some things just don't change.)

Today is closing ceremonies and then everyone goes home. The transportation guys have been busy for two days working out schedules and making signs for the different buses that will transport the athletes to the airport.

For those of you that really like pictures, here's a link that will show you some of what's been going on this past week:

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