Saturday, November 28, 2009


One thing I've noticed about living by myself is how little some chores need to be done. I'm doing laundry this morning. About once every three weeks I run out of clothes and figure it's about time. Thursday I bought groceries. That's about once every two weeks. (Mind you, I eat lunch in the cafeteria at least twice a week.)

Unfortunately, some chores still have to be done at very regular intervals. Dishes must get washed. (God bless dishwashers - and they have to be unloaded/reloaded about once a week). Floors must be swept.

Some chores don't have to be done at all. Beds don't really have to be made - just the covers flipped back. Then when I do laundry (and put away all of my clothes), make the bed really, really well.

It's time to put a new load in the wash.

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