Monday, November 30, 2009


This is the season for me to fight temptation. That's because everyone has mandarin oranges. I really like mandarins. However, I'm mildly allergic to citrus. If I eat too many oranges, I get laryngitis. I used to get laryngitis every year in December and I could never figure out why, until Lloyd pointed out that the only time I ever ate citrus fruit was in December.

Now to add to temptation, the local grocery store has pomellos in. If you don't know what a pomello is - it's sort of like a grapefruit on steroids. The ones I've bought are about the size of a cantelope, and they're much sweeter than grapefruit, but definitely the same grapefruit-like flavour. I had a student in Yellowknife that would bring me 1-2 a week (imported directly from China) when they were in season.

So in three days I've eaten an entire pomello and a mandarin. I hope I won't be sorry. I think I'd better restrict myself for several days now.

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