Saturday, December 31, 2011


Ruth is over and we're making soups and salads - three soups and two salads today. We're planning to have ham, scalloped potatoes and three types of soups for tomorrow. The soups are: French onion, borscht and pizza. The salads are green bean and coleslaw forever. Got the coleslaw made - it's really easy. The green bean salad will have to wait until we go back to the grocery store because we forgot to buy a bag of frozen green beans. Got the French onion soup cooking and will eat some for lunch. Ruth is grating the beets and carrots in the machine but we won't put the other soups on until tomorrow before service.

While I was in Saskatoon this week, I went by Scott's Parables and picked up materials for The Party. Ruth and I have looked through them and they look good.

It's windy with blowing snow outside. A good day to be inside. Glenda and Jeff just stopped by. We all shared French onion soup with freshly baked French bread. Very nice. I don't think we'll have enough soup for tomorrow but that's ok, we'll have two other kinds plus ham and scalloped potatoes.

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