Thursday, December 29, 2011


I haven't sewn for so long that I wondered whether I even remembered how to do it again. I got home from Saskatoon yesterday afternoon and vowed to stop procrastinating about it. Traced off the pattern (it's Kwiksew and they have to be traced) and cut out the pieces. Couldn't manage to get myself to start sewing though.

So this morning, I hunted out a serger, and a foot pedal, and a power cord - got it up and ready to go and sewed Abby a wetsuit. I'm pleased with myself. It's so tiny! I hope it fits. I'm feeling pleased with myself. If you omit the time taken for procrastination, it was about one hour to trace out the pattern and cut it out, and one hour to sew it. Not bad!


Monica said...

It's so cute! Abby's not very big, so I imagine it will fit just fine. And hopefully keep the poor girl warm! Melissa sounded quite appreciative that you were willing to do that for her!

May's Musings said...

Rose says it looks a lot like one of the ones I made for her - but I think the smallest I ever made for her was a 3 or 4 - this is a 1! (Mind you, it's 4 for length. Long skinny kid there.)