Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doing Dishes

I thank the Lord for my dishwasher nearly every day. It's old (the serial number says 1967), it doesn't always get things on the top shelf clean, and it takes nearly an hour for it to go through its (single) cycle. However, it does clean everything on the bottom shelf very well, and it sterilizes the dishes. More than that, it means that I usually only have to wash the pots and pans.

Ruth and I get together Saturdays and cook. We started by making salads; we've expanded recently so that we make a soup or two as well as a casserole. We generally plan out the week's menus for both of us and then make a good stab at getting it all cooked.

This past Saturday Ruth and I made three or four salads, and a chicken casserole in one of the slow cookers. However I wasn't feeling too well, and when Ruth had to go meet with a client, I went back to bed. I phoned her bright and early Sunday, however, so that she could come and help me clean up before everyone came over. We did up those dishes, but while we were doing dishes and cleaning up, we also made up three big pans of lasagne. (Two in baking pans, one in a large crock pot). However then it was time to go to services, and we didn't get cleaned up from that.

Monday night we have The Party, and it was our week to bring the snack for it. Sunday afternoon I started the slow cooker with sloppy joes in it. In the morning I set it out on the front step to cool and freeze, and Bram brought it in after school and turned it back on high. I didn't even have time to stir it before it was time to go.

All of this cooking means that there was lots of dishes to do. So this morning I got up a half hour earlier, and got to work. I loaded the dishwasher again, and then started on the pots and pans. It only took me 40 mins. but I'm done. I think I'll get the boys to put everything away.

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