Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cooking on Saturday

Ruth and I slept in this morning and so didn't didn't get groceries and start cooking until around 8 am. However we were very efficient and had things started really quickly. We pulled out my three-pot slow cooker and made chili, shipwreck and cabbage borscht. Then made cauliflower salad, green bean salad, and Moroccan chickpea salad. The only thing that really slowed us up was that we kept on finding that we hadn't purchased all the ingredients needed. We ended up making an additional two trips to the grocery store! However had everything done by 1:30 pm. Ate chili for lunch - it was good too. It ended up being a really huge cauliflower salad, probably close to 18 cups worth, as we filled two eight-cup plastic containers and Bram ate a generous cup full before we put the vinaigrette on it.

Then we tried on dresses (we were given a bunch of "dress-up" or dressy outfits to try) and then Ruth had to dash to work to meet with a client and I had an afternoon nap. Then I mended a pair of Walter's pants and altered a dress that one of the girls is wanting to wear to winter banquet. All in all a pretty productive day I think.

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