Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's March already

I didn't even realize it was March until Saturday when Ruth said she needed to go collect rent - and I realized that I did too! Last weekend was the ROCK tournament here; I ran the canteen, and it was a big job. I had really wanted to go to S'toon for Colin's shower but just couldn't see my way clear to do that. However, will be there this weekend for a quizzing tournament.

It's been so hectic, and nothing slows down anytime soon. This weekend is the quiz tournament. There's also both boys and girls basketball tournaments this weekend; the boys in Gravelbourg and the girls at Holdfast. Then we have a semi-quiet week followed by:
Mon. March 19 - steak night to support Grad.
Wed. March 21-March 25 - chorus tour (no, I'm not going, but Bram is). (For those students not going on chorus tour; we're helping to host the boys provincial basketball tournament at U of R and have to provide 10 students and staff members to man the door, etc.
March 28-29 - ski trip to Assissippi
March 31 weekend - Homecoming

I'm glad I'm busy though. People have asked me how I'm feeling about things; and right now I'm mostly feeling sad. I received my official layoff notice this week due to the school closing. I don't know where or what I'll be doing next year (and I'd really like to know). My lawyer is filing my application for divorce, child support and separation agreement this week as well. I think I'm handling it ok; but it is tough. This is my fourth year working for Western; and it's been a really good place for me to be. I've been very thankful for the Lord for placing me here - and I am confident that he'll place me somewhere else where I will continue to be blessed. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

I had my weigh and measure at Curves this morning (no, I haven't lost any weight or inches) and she was asking me whether I was meeting my goal of feeling less stress. No, I can't say that; although maybe I'm handling the stress better than I would be if I wasn't working out regularly.

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