Saturday, March 24, 2012


This is (possibly) my final post for today. We also made Ruth's famous borscht today. It's not originally Ruth's recipe, she got it from a Ukranian restaurant in P.A. It is very good though, and really easy, provided you have a food processor.

Beet Borscht
3 beets - shredded in food processor
3 carrots - grated in food processor
2 sweet potatoes cut into cubes (I'm sure the original recipe called for potatoes, but I'm allergic to potatoes)
2 yellow onions - chopped fine
1/2 cup dill pickle juice
1 can pork and beans
1/2 coil garlic sausage cut into small cubes
2 tsp chopped garlic

Put everything into the slow cooker. Because it's all been chopped so small, it really doesn't take that long to cook either.

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