Sunday, March 25, 2012

Appliance Troubles

Friday morning I was making porridge as usual in the microwave (Red River Cereal). When it beeped, I pulled it out and it was uncooked; in fact, the water was cold! I thought I must have pushed the wrong buttons, so tried again with the same result. I had no more time, so grabbed a banana and dashed out without my breakfast.

Saturday morning I was explaining to Ruth that my microwave seemed to have died and I put in a small fruit cup to show her - setting the MW for 1 minute. It promptly overhead and exploded all over the inside. So then we started experimenting. What we've figured out is that it works up to 6 minutes but if you set it for anything longer than 6 minutes, it doesn't work. Maybe the numbers aren't working? I dunno.

I think it means that I don't buy a new MW yet - but I don't exactly trust it either.

I had a tenant explain to me last month that her stove wasn't working, so I bought a new one off kijiji for her, to discover that the stove now works but the oven on the new one doesn't. I'm a little disgusted. I guess I'll have to try again.

It's been an expensive month for me at the 4-plex. I've had the boiler go out - the service guy replaced a motor and a connection; and the stove replaced; and then a service man in to look at the stove I bought to replace it. Hopefully things will run smoothly for me over there for awhile now.

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