Monday, March 26, 2012


Just home from The Party. I think we had 35 kids tonight; not exactly sure because although I do attendance, we had a group of kids come in late when I had already started the circle time and I never did get their names. Now 35 kids isn't too unusual, what was unusual was that we had only one teenage helper - in fact, we were really short of helpers all around. We had a total of eight helpers - which worked out to one group leader for each of three groups (with 12 in a group, that's not enough); one helper to run each centre (two helpers in the snack centre because poor Debbie had had dental surgery this past week and really couldn't have done it alone) - and me, to be the head honcho, and help out at whichever centre needed the most help.

Tonight was one of those "survival" nights I think. It's always good to have a few of those so that we can appreciate the other nights when everything runs more smoothly. In fact, we're really very fortunate that we generally have enough helpers, enough snack, the kids behave, etc. I guess I can be thankful for our norms because tonight wasn't normal and it was very hectic. And we should all sleep very well tonight.

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