Saturday, May 19, 2012

Long Weekend

It's Saturday afternoon of a long weekend.  Theoretically I'm home alone; Bram's off on Sonshine tour to BC while Rose has flown back to YK.  However, Ruth is also over here as we've been busy cooking and I haven't driven her back home yet.  She has a book in hand and is well satisfied.  Besides, I can't take her home until we finish cleaning up.

What have we made so far?  We started with two different types of mini muffins for Bram to take with him on tour.  Got groceries first, were back at my house by 8 am and had both types done and packed away by 9:15. We made blueberry banana muffins and apple streusel muffins (I had some apples that needed to be used).

While I worked on muffins, Ruth got started on making salads.  We made current quinoa, vegetable pecan, and Moroccan chickpea barley.  We still have nutty wild rice and broccoli salads left over from last week; so this gives us five different salads in the fridge.  We've decided we'll invite everyone over for Sunday dinner so it's good to have lots of salads.  I've got a turkey in the freezer and if I don't cook it before it gets too hot out, we'll have to experiment with barbecuing it and I'd rather have the freezer space.  It also means that I have to get the house cleaned up a bit (which is a good thing).

We have lots of dishes to do, because we cleaned out the fridge a little; and the living room needs tidying because Bram packed in the living room and have left what he didn't pack spread around.  Oh, and the family room needs tidying because I was just in there and it looks pretty bad.  The bedrooms also should be done but they're not public areas and I can just shut the doors.  We'll kill two birds with one stone because I'm having people over Monday night as well (because we won't have The Party as it's a holiday.  It'll be a time of prayer and sharing (and potluck).

Right now we're having a bit of R&R time before we go at it again.

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