Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Evening

It`s a quiet evening after a hectic day.  I woke up at 5, got up at 5:30, cleaned up the kitchen, started the dishwasher, made breakfast and ate it; then went and picked up Ruth so we could work out together at Curves.  On the way back home, stopped at the Great Canadian Warehouse for boxes (my morning task) and dropped them off at school.  I've calculated that for the approximately 650 shelves of books that need to be packed up, I'll need approximately 1000 boxes.  That's a lot of boxes!

At school I`ve been busy finishing up the inventory on the library and I`ve started packing up books.  Everyone asks me, ``So, what are the plans for the books?" and I reply, "I only know it's my job to inventory them and then to pack them up."  It was 25 out today; a beautiful sunny day - and it was about that warm in the library as well.  I've been fighting a throat infection and losing; so have been surviving off cough drops with benzocaine in them (which numbs my throat).  I'm now out of them, which is unfortunate.

After work, I lay down for an hour, as I'm definitely not feeling as well as I could be.  At 5 I got up and started making snack for The Party.  Ruth and I had picked up six bags of mini buns for sliders; and I grated a can of ham, added mayonnaise and pickles, for filling.  Looked at it - decided that there's no way that would be enough; phoned Ruth to pick up another can of ham; put Bram to work grating cheese.  We ended up with two smaller containers of grated cheese with mayonnaise filling; and two larger containers of grated ham with mayonnaise and pickle filling.  Half goes to The Party, while half goes to the teen group.  It went over really well.  By the time I had that ready, it was 5:30 - we have to be ready to leave by 5:45 and we still hadn't eaten supper!  Bram thinly sliced some sweet potato and we fried it in oil with seasoned salt.  Yum.  (But could have eaten more - so could Ruth and Bram).

Went to pick up helpers for The Party at 5:45 (only one came - thanks Matt); then straight to the Rainbow Youth Centre, getting there just before 6.  Had 24 kids for The Party; and I think a few less than that for the teen group.  Our play activity tonight was outside in the park across the street, flying kites.  The kite-shaped kites fly the worst (in case you were wondering).  The Bible story was Daniel in the Lion's Den.  (We've been doing the book of Daniel for the past 6 weeks or so).  We only have two more weeks for The Party and then we'll be done until fall.  The last week will be a feast; and then we'll have a 4-day VBS in the summer.  We're already talking about how to do things so that it'll run more smoothly in the fall.

Dropped off a van-load of kids (had to arrange a different ride for Bram as had six kids to drop off plus Ruth and myself).  Home shortly before 8:30.  I've been feeling like I should really go out and pick up the last rent that I didn't get on the weekend, but have no energy - and... she came to the door and dropped it off!  Thank you, Lord.

It's after 10 pm now so I can go gargle with salt water again and go to bed.  I can't go to bed before 10 pm or I'll wake up before 4 am, and I don't like to do that.  5 am is early enough.

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