Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Sunday evening

Sunday is supposed to be a day off - and it was, sort of.  I slept in until nearly 6 am, which was really nice, and didn't get up until past 7:30, which was also wonderful.  Instead of the how fast can I shower and get changed and head to work, I had a leisurely shower.  Then it was time to get to work.  Church service starts at 9:45 and it's about a 3 minute walk there, and I couldn't remember if I was responsible for filling communion trays this week or not, so I really should be there by 9:20 - which means leaving the house by 9:15. Also, I was planning to have people over for lunch, so really needed to tidy house again.  Time to start bustling (and to get Bram up to help).

I mixed up a batch of lazy perogy casserole in the slow cooker before getting Bram up, then I did the dishes while Bram tidied the dining room.  Then we both worked on the living room together.  It looked much better by the time we left for service, but the entry way could still do some work.  After service, I headed straight home and Ruth and I tidied up the front entry way.

We didn't really have that many people over for lunch - only about 25 or so, I think (it's hard to count moving targets).  Ruth and I had made cabbage rolls yesterday and Bram had put them in the oven before we left for church.  So it was just a matter of pulling all the salads we had made yesterday out of the fridge, putting spoons into everything, and finding counter space for all the food that everyone else made, and we were ready to go.  We also had that wheat berry dessert that I made yesterday.  Everyone liked it - but I think if I was making it again, I wouldn't bother putting the cream cheese in it.  It's already rich enough.  Normally I use my everyday dishes, but I only have 19 plates, so I cheated and used paper plates today.  I always use plastic cups (because I don't have enough cups to go around) - some day I'll find some glasses I really like (that stack together well so they don't take up too much cupboard space) and I'll splurge and buy them.  Until then, I'll be a little less ecofriendly and use plastic cups when I have a crowd over.

After lunch, Lisa V, Debbie P, and I sat around the dining table and talked through meal plans for Mission 6:10 the last week of July - for around 100 people. You can tell that I grew up in a large family because I feel that it's so much more fun to plan with a group.  Ryan and Rachel had a date and so left their two little ones here and Walter and Ruth babysat.
  Then it was time to go to the surprise wedding shower for Ashley R.  We took my van as I have the built-in car seat for Emmet.  (Jane comes with her own car seat). After the shower, there was a little down time before it was time to make supper (salmon, brown rice, green beans and coleslaw).  I read aloud another couple chapters of the book that Bram and I are enjoying together.  There's enough leftovers from supper for Bram and I for tomorrow for lunch.

I was hoping Walter would put in new microwave in place for me, but I although I have a new drill (thank you, Dad), I don't have the right drill bit, so he was unable to.  Hopefully it'll get installed soon, as right now it's still in the box just outside my kitchen.  I actually went out to purchase myself some drill bits, but both XS Cargo and Canadian Tire close at 6 on Sundays and it was already 7:30.  Oh well.  Some other time, I guess.

I'm very thankful that I now have a tidy house, that I was able to have people over for lunch, and that it's mostly all cleaned up again (I have a couple pots to wash - in the morning).  I'm also thankful for the quiet time by myself this evening.  I think I need to put a load in the wash so that I'll have clean clothes to wear tomorrow to work - but aside from that, I've got all of my "need to get done" things done.

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