Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hummus Recipe

Walter really likes to eat hummus, which we can purchase at the grocery store for $7 for four cups.  Or we can make it for probably less than a dollar's worth of ingredients.  We've discovered you can purchase split chick peas at the grocery store, and they cook up faster than the whole ones, and probably blend to a smoother paste as well.  Like it do with nearly everything, I cook the chickpeas in my rice cooker.

My rice cooker has also been giving me grief.  It tends to pop to warm before the water even boils, however I've discovered I can put the tip of a plastic spoon in to prevent it from popping, which is much cheaper than purchasing a new rice cooker.  It does mean that I have to keep an eye on it once I think it's boiled long enough though.  I'm cataloguing this under casseroles, because I'm not going to do a new category just for dips.


3 cups cooked chickpeas (drain but retain liquid)
½ cup liquid from chickpeas
¼ cup (or a little more) lemon juice
2 generous tablespoons minced garlic
2 TLB oil
1 tsp salt

Blend together in food processor until it’s a smooth paste.

Makes approximately 5 cups

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