Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Final Party until Fall

Monday night was our final time for The Party.  We had a potluck feast, and invited parents to come as well as just kids.  And everyone came!  I think our highest turnout previously had been the week before, when we had 41 kids (and that week we didn't have the Grade 5 kids as we had sent them to see what happens with the older group, as they will get to join them come fall).  However, Monday night we had around 50 kids, plus parents.  I estimated that we had at least 10 parents come, and we had nearly 15 helpers - which meant that we likely had between 75 and 80 people there.  That's a lot.  However, like loaves and fishes, we   had enough food to go around (just barely).  We didn't have the 12 baskets left over though.

We're now done, until fall - except for the VBS in the park, the last week of July, as part of Mission 6:10.  Now, we've had an unusually rainy summer so far - and we don't rent tents or anything for the park, so if it rains on a particular day, we just cancel it.  We've only had the VBS in the park for the past two years, however, we've had fine weather both years so far, and we're really praying for fine weather for that week again this year.  As always, the Lord will provide.

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